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Reclaim Your Farm Land from Standing Water

EGRP is a device used to increase infiltration in poorly aggregated soils by enhancing the natural processes of capillary action, pressure differential, and hydrostatic pressure. Soil Health is the amount of water available for plants to use. Specifically, the volume of water released from soil between the time the soil is at field capacity (the maximum water held in soil against the pull of gravity) until the time it is at the wilting point (the amount of water held too tightly in soil for commonly grown crops to extract). Loamy soils and soils high in organic matter have the highest AWC, EGRP increases this soil health condition by keeping water in unsaturated zone so it can control and manage water usage for keeps volumetric soil content in plant available water range.


Grizzly Nut Farms Farmland Land Reclaim

Grizzly Nut LLC

40% increase in infiltration in 1/10 of the time!


Leaky Acres / Fresno Irrigation District (FID)
Groundwater Recharge Performance

Increased infiltration by 9.57x the baseline amount!